Grant Applications

St James Kidsway are committed to all children having the opportunity to experience care and education from 2 to school age. At St James Kidsway we offer two types of Grant Applications for our parents and whanau to be able to access. These grants are approved by St James Kidsway Management Board in advance for the term in which the application they are applied for.

We offer a grant for children with additional needs this is where an additional teacher is rostered to work with the child. Application forms are available here

We offer a grant for hardship, where parents would like to receive care and education for their children but are unable to fund this. Application form available here

Due dates the grants are as follows:
Term 1, 2018 - Due 28 January 2019
Term 2, 2018 - Due 8 April 2019
Term 3, 2018 - Due 1 July 2019
Term 4, 2018 - Due 23 September 2019