Parent Portal

At Kidsway we use Story park, this is a private online space for teachers, families and children, tailored specifically for early childhood centre’s like ours and was developed by a team of parents and software developers.

With your permission, we will be using Story park to privately share with you, photos, video and learning stories of your child in action.  As parents you have the opportunity to log in and view these wherever you are.  Story park can be used on your computer, iPhone, Android phone, iPad or other tablet device and basically anywhere you can access the internet or smart phone (you do not need a computer in your home to become involved).

You can choose to add your own stories, leave comments and feedback for the children and teaching team.  You can also choose to share these stories with your wider family members if you wish.  We hope that you will invite your extended family so that the children have an authentic audience who are genuinely interested and want to be a part of your child’s learning.

We have considered the aspects of cybersafety and made sure our teaching team have knowledge and skills to ensure we are cybersafe.  Storypark takes security very seriously.  Storypark is not an open blog for anyone to read, it is a password-protected private space for you, your child’s teacher and your family.  Any content we add will only be shared with our teachers and family members you chose to invite and no personal information is shared with any third party.

Storypark is a positive environment focused on supporting learning and development of children.  Inappropriate language, images, content or other behaviour is not permitted.

To active your account when you enrol your child please follow the email prompts.