This is what our customers have to say...

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My family have been truly blessed to have you been part of such a wonderful environment for our boys to be cared for in. They have all had so much fun. Thank you also for the lovely chats with me - they certainly kept me sane when the kids were little and sometimes you guys were my only adult contact! We will miss you all terribly."


We are really touched by that kindness - your preschool has always gone above and beyond - any other mum I have talked to in the area has always said great things about St James preschool. You have a great, and well deserved, reputation. 


"The teachers are amazing and kind and encouraging. I felt so comfortable leaving my children at the centre."

Eli and Sophia's Mum

"The Disco was a great family event. What a fantastic social occasion for all. I loved the way everyone there was friendly and mingled. The children past and present, had a very magical time. What a celebration. "

Bennett Family

"Love the Positive, friendly environment with a Christian influence.  The Teachers are always so friendly and welcoming and my daughter often talks about them at home.  

The large outdoor area is great for my active outdoorsey girl.  The Parents are kept up to date with whats going on and the communication is great with texts, emails regularly and now the new private online system that shares your children's progress with stories and photos. I've only ever heard positive things about St James I'm so glad I picked them."

Shelley Els

"The talented teachers at Kidsway are not only knowledgeable, friendly and approachable but they also take an interest in what my child is interested in. They make my child feel loved, accepted and free to be herself.

I love that what I am teaching my child about God at home is being reinforced at Pre school.

Having a child who enjoys being outside, I love the fact that Kidsway has a huge outdoor space, with many activities that give her a challenge and a chance to take risks."

Gemma's Mum

"Our journey with St James KidsWay back in 2010.

We currently have our 3rd boy attending with our fourth going when he’s old enough.

The centre is like a big family, with warm, approachable, caring, highly trained teachers who are always available and willing to help.

We love the huge spaces and array of things for all the children to do, from bike riding and sandpit through to a fully equipped library.

KidsWay has been fundamental in the development of our older boys as they prepared for school. This has been reinforced by their school principal and teachers with frequent praise of the systems in place at St James for transitioning children.

Most of all, being the only centre in Franklin that is Christian based, it is a beacon to the community."

Karin Cox (or Logan, Ashton, Devon & Zayden’s Mum)